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If you survived somehow, keep some part of my soul inside your own

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I don’t believe in the existence of a soul, at least not by the religious definition of it.

I’ve always been occupied with this thought … what is a soul? … is it enough to say that it’s the very definition of knowledge and experience ? … can we assume that we are all born equal … identical white papers waiting to be filled with misery and suffering.

Then, what simultaneously separates and defines us is our very own story … our very own choices, actions and interactions to different and/or similar conditions, if that is the case so please … keep some part of my own soul inside your own, if one day our two different existences interacted by any chance … I have to admit that I’m afraid of being forgotten, this situation of being wiped and overwritten with zeros to eliminate the chances for retrieval terrifies me, and I believe the only way to avoid it is to save small parts of my very own code into your own and I hope you manage to survive so part of me can survive with you.

This cruel cold world has never been kind to me, it never missed a chance to punish me for the error of my very existence, I hate it and it hates me all the same and it’s alright.

It’s alright, I already made my peace with it, I don’t ask for much … just carry this tiny piece of me with you, survive, and remember!

Mohamed Tita
Mohamed Tita
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